Heather Marcks, H.B.Sc, M.F.C


Heather has worked for various organizations and has gained a strong background which includes over ten years in the environmental sciences field. She obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science in biology from Trent University and her Master of Forest Conservation degree from the University of Toronto. Through her academic and employment endeavours she has gained experience in project management, environmental assessments and impact studies, conducting and leading terrestrial surveys, identifying key natural heritage features and habitats, and producing technical reports providing ecological information and project guidance. She has been involved with numerous projects including restoration, monitoring and development projects, as well as environmental assessments. Heather possesses a strong passion for conservation and nature, which can be seen through her academic, employment and personal life activities. She was involved in the Urban Turtle Initiative, the Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme, and one of the largest monitoring and mitigation programs ever issued under the provincial Endangered Species Act, as well as volunteered for seven years as a wildlife rehabilitator. Heather is Ecological Land Classification (ELC) certified and has obtained training in Ontario reptile and amphibian surveys, winter animal tracks, rapid stream assessments, backpack electrofishing, and low complexity prescribed burns.


Brad Baker, H.B.Sc


Brad has worked on a wide range of ecology projects since 2002 with an emphasis terrestrial ecology and Species at Risk.  He has an Honours Degree in Biology from Brock University (2004), and a Post Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering Applications from Conestoga College (2008). He is one of the founding members of Birks Natural Heritage Consultants, who works to provide forward thinking and creative solutions where natural heritage and human plans converge.  He provides project management for natural heritage projects, regularly working with environmental planners and proponents who look to undertake works in and around important natural features.  In consulting he has project experience ranging from provincial and municipal environmental assessments for large mining, infrastructure projects, and landfills through to Environmental Impacts Studies and Natural Heritage Evaluations for small home improvements in the Growth Plan Areas of Ontario.  He has also been a key project member for projects focused on inventory of Natural Heritage Features and functions and the recreation, improvement, or post-construction monitoring of those systems.  


Some of the certifications he holds include: Butternut Health Assessor Certification, Ontario Ecological Land Classification for the Great Lakes Region, Wetland Evaluation System Certification and Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification.  He has been on the Ecology Committee for the Ontario Stone Sand & Gravel Association since 2010. 


Stephanie Brady, HBES


Stephanie has been involved in numerous terrestrial projects, including the implementation of Environmental Impact Studies, Natural Heritage Evaluations, and Ecological Offsetting Plans for the acquisition of Municipal, Provincial, and Federal environmental approvals including submissions and acquisition of permits made under Section 17 of Ontario's Endangered Species Act, 2007 and alternatives available under the act for various Species at Risk.  She has an Honours Degree in Environmental Studies from Lakehead University (2012) and a College Diploma in Forestry from La Cité Collegiale (2008).  One of the founding members of Birks Natural Heritage Consultants, Stephanie possesses in-depth knowledge and industry approved training of Ontario's Species at Risk including Endangered bat species, reptiles, and birds.  Stephanie obtained comprehensive and industry approved training to accurately collect site information in relation to the identification and detection of various Species at Risk including completing assessments of suitable habitat. 


Melissa Fuller, H.B.Sc

Ecologist, Consulting Arborist

Melissa is an experienced Ecologist, having spent much of her life appreciating the outdoors through both work and play.  Melissa completed an Honours Bachelor of Science at McMaster University, with specialization in Biodiversity and Environmental Science then continued her studies at Niagara College, completing the Ecosystem Restoration Post-Graduate certificate.  For the past decade, Melissa has been working as an Ecologist in both the non-profit and private sector.  During this time she has acquired skills sets relating to managing and assessing both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems throughout the Province of Ontario.  This knowledge base has given Melissa a unique perspective to work with landowners and developers in the preparation of environmental assessments and tree preservation plans in support of development applications.


The Team